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Behind the Scenes on an IFBA All-Female Boxing Card in Kenner, Louisiana
Flash From the Past....ESPN2 prepares the boxers for their show by taking shots, interviewing them and having them shadowbox for the cameras...Also there are photos at the Host Hotel, and other "behind the scenes" photos!  All Women's Card - IFBA card - Louisiana -February 11, 2000  -Photos  by Sue TL Fox

1hotel21.jpg (30317 bytes)
Valerie Mahfood in dressing room area, shortly before the event

1behind10.jpg (41985 bytes)
Jolene Blackshear

1behind5.jpg (46243 bytes)
Zulfia Koutdoussova

1behind12.jpg (48838 bytes)
Jolene Blackshear

1behind6.jpg (47193 bytes)
Zulfia Koudoussova

1behind7.jpg (44869 bytes)
Trina Ortegon

1behind8.jpg (50254 bytes)
Trina Ortegon

1behind9.jpg (41158 bytes)
Trina Ortegon

1behind100kim3.jpg (62074 bytes)
Kim Messer and Marsha Valley - Airport
Photo 9-34


1hotel10.jpg (54381 bytes)
Jolene Blackshear with trainer/manager Herb Cody
Photo 9-10

1hotel11.jpg (20857 bytes)
Mary Ann Almager
Photo 9-11

1hotel12.jpg (25482 bytes)
Mary Ann Almager
Photo 9-12

1hotel13.jpg (39447 bytes)
Kendra Lenhart with husband/trainer
Photo 9-13

1hotel14.jpg (47828 bytes)
Kendra Lenhart
photo 9-14

1hotel15.jpg (41948 bytes)
Kendra Lenhart
...shortly before going to the casino, day of fight....
photo 9-15

1hotel17.jpg (50248 bytes)
Kendra Lenhart
photo 9-16

1hotel18.jpg (43413 bytes)
Kim Messer at airport
Photo 9-17

1hotel20.jpg (51587 bytes)
Yvonne Caples with trainer
Photo 9-18

1behind100kim5.jpg (58055 bytes)
Kim and Mark Messer and Marsha Valley - Airport
Photo 9-19

1behind100kim4.jpg (66886 bytes)
Kim and Mark Messer and Marsha Valley - Airport
Photo 9-20

1hotel22.jpg (41152 bytes)
Valerie Mahfood with her mom...
Photo 9-21

1hotel23.jpg (27520 bytes)
Valerie Mahfood
Photo 9-22

1hotel3.jpg (43126 bytes)
Mary Ann Almager checking her weight
Photo 9-23

1hotel4.jpg (34074 bytes)
Marsha Valley strong-arming Rod MaHaffey
Photo 9-24

1hotell9.jpg (45281 bytes)
Blackshear's team
Photo 9-25

1hotel9.jpg (57319 bytes)
Kendra Lenhart in host hotel, with Mahaffey and her husband
Photo 9-26

1hotel8.jpg (33724 bytes)
Ann Wolfe
Photo 9-27

1hotel7.jpg (28846 bytes)
Margaret Sidoroff

1hotel6.jpg (36045 bytes)
Zulfia Koutdoussova

1hotel5.jpg (33736 bytes)
Marsha Valley pulling her little antics when I take a photo of her!

1behind100kim.jpg (66170 bytes)
Kim Messer in the Dallas Airport

1behind100kim3.jpg (62074 bytes)
Kim Messer and Marsha Valley - Airport

1behind100kim2.jpg (57666 bytes)
Kim Messer and Marsha Valley - Airport


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