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WBAN's New Segment "PREVIEW"  will have "preview mpegs" of Women's Boxing videos!

(APR 30) WBAN has received permission from "ShadowBoxers"  to have some short mpegs of the women's boxing documentary on the records site! The documentary that is available for purchase, not only features Lucia Rijker, showing short parts of some of her fights, but it has some very good footage of other women boxers that participated in the New York Golden Gloves that includes Jill Matthews.  There are SIX Mpegs (Preview Mpeg gallery #54)  of previews of this great documentary!  The film is 72 minutes in duration.  To Purchase the VIDEO and/or POSTER (The poster is huge), Go Here!

MPEG #1  Footage on Jill Matthews -1
MPEG #2  Footage on Jill Matthews -2
MPEG #3  Female Boxer gets knocked out
MPEG #4  Lucia Rijker talks about boxing-1
MPEG #5  Rijker's Fight with Hallback (1 min)
MPEG #6  Rijker's Fight with another boxer



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Video copy of SHADOW BOXERS $20.00

Send a check or money order to:

Swerve Films
299 Riverside Drive Suite 11-B
New York,  NY 10025 U.S.A.


Sam Kruse at Swerve Films
T: 212-865-8463


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