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  December 1, 2007 - Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma, Washington

Jennifer Barber
(4-0 2KOs) showed her discipline and ability to box in dispensing of DJ Morrison (1-4) in the semi main event at the Emerald Queen Casino Saturday night. Morrison charged across the ring at the opening bell, swinging wild and wide. It appeared that Morrison figured her only chance to win was to catch Barber early. That is where Barber displayed a boxer’s discipline. Instead of matching Morrison’s flailing punches with her own, Barber stepped to the side and landed two crisp right hands to Morrison’s ribs. When Morrison turned to face her, Barber threw a left that popped Morrison’s head back. Morrison stepped forward, swinging lefts and rights, hoping something would touch Barber. Barber again threw her jab, then a right to the body. Every punch was tight, short and hard. Morrison’s head popped skyward again as she turned away from Barber. At that point the referee yelled to stop Barber from throwing a punch that would have landed on the back of Morrison’s head. Barber squared her shoulders as Morrison turned to face her again, and before Morrison could cock her arms, her head was reeling and again she turned her back. The referee this time stepped in and waved an end to the fight. The end came at 1:04 of the first, so the fight lasted just about as long as it has taken you to read this. However, in that minute, Jennifer Barber was quite impressive. She quickly adjusted to the barrage of Morrison punches. She remained calm and threw punches she knew would connect. She pressed forward, and Morrison could really do nothing but keep flailing or run.  ©Story and photos by Mike Blair











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