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  June 9, 2007 - Silver Reef Casino, Ferndale, Washington  

(DJ) Daverene Morrison
(0-2) gave Merced Nunez (3-1-0 (2 KOs) all she could handle in the opening two minutes of their lightweight fight Saturday night at the Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale, Washington. Morrison answered the bell and began an assault that though uncontrolled, was effective in keeping Nunez from being able to box.  Nunez spent the first half of the round covering up and trying to move out of Morrison's reach. In between rounds Nunez calmed down, and received the instructions she needed to turn the fight from a slugfest into a boxing match that she could control.  Morrison continued to apply pressure, but she swung wildly and too often from the outside, and that allowed Nunez to throw her jab, catching Morrison's chin. That slowed Morrison some, but she kept trying to stay close, smothering Nunez. That tactic actually worked to Nunez's advantage, allowing her to pick Morrison apart. The last three rounds of the fight clearly belonged to Nunez.  Had the taller Morrison used her reach advantage, and thrown straighter punches, she might have been more effective. Nunez learned a lesson in patience and what it takes to turn a brawl to her favor. After four rounds two judges scored the fight 39-37, the third judge scored the fight 40-36.  In a second women’s bout, there was little doubt that Tricia Turton, 146, (8-3-0 3KO) was going to have to move and box in her six round middleweight bout against Mariem Brakache, 148, (4-5-0 1KO). Brakache, at one win below the even mark seemed on paper to be the type of opponent Turton needed to show she has some boxing ability, and give her some confidence. Turton showed the ability to box, and seemed confident in the first, a round she won on two scorecards. After that, Brakache took control.  Brakache pumped her jab like a pneumatic piston and Turton could do little but cover up. When Brakache's jab couldn't find a target near Turton's head, she went to work on the rib cage. The middle rounds belonged to Brakache because she threw straighter punches. Turton slapped and looped hers, and was too often caught flat footed. By round five, perhaps due to a sense of urgency, Turton stepped up a bit. She boxed, landed a few punches, and moved Brakache backwards. At least one judge gave Turton the edge in that round. Round six was close, but Brakache was more effective in the final moments. Brakache would score the unanimous decision win, 60-54; 59-55; 58-56. Photos and Story by Mike Blair.

Morrison vs. Nunez

Brakache vs. Turton

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