Flash from the Past!  These amateur boxers at the time competed in the 2002 Women's Golden Gloves, that took place from  August 21-24, 2002, in Chicago, Illinois.  Check out the women boxers in this amateur tournament that have since turned pro!  1/Carina Moreno; 2/ Amber GIdeon; 3/Molly McConnell; 4/Natalie Brown; 5/Yvonne Reis; 6/Janaya Davis; 7/Bose Ijoala; 8/Teresa Pierozzi;  9/Elizabeth Kerin; 10/Wendy LaMotta.


Amber Gideon (red)

Natalie Brown (l)
Desiree Misttreta

Yvonne Reis (l)
Bonnie Canino (r)

Amber Gideon

anju vs. Davis

media day...

Group shot


Bovee (l)
Anju (r)

Canino & Chris
Kreuz - both pro
boxers that retired

Amber Gideon
With kids....

Gideon with trainer

Gideon vs. O'Toole

Jennifer Han

Lamotta vs. Anju

Rick Noble ( L)
Carina Moreno

Moreno - Noble

Rosa Rubio

Rubio - Brodacz

Rubio - Brodacz

Zula & Olga
  August 24, 2002 -Results from the 2002 National Women's Golden Gloves  - Amateurs
Weight Class Champion all dec. Runner Up
- 1) 100 Jr. (12/13) champion Jordan Martinez, WY Runner up Jenny Torres, CA; 2) champion 106 Jr. (11/12) Alexis Veal, LS - Runner up Amanda Crespin, NM; 3) 105 Jr. (15/16) champion Janet Rodriguez NM - Runner up Leshia Boyd, MI; 4) 112 Jr. (13/14) champion LaTonya King, MI - Runner up Kimberlyn Ayala, Chicago, IL; 5) 112 Jr. (15/16) champion Kristen Read, MO - Runner up Isabelle Salinas, CA; 6) 119 Jr. (13/14) champion Katie Klinefelter, IA - Runner up Stephanie Martinez, TX; 7) 119 Jr. (15/16) champion Chris Martinon, CA - Runner up Aylin Daytyan, CA 8) 139 Jr. (15/16) champion Olivia Fonseca, PE - Runner up Jessica Avear, CA 9) 147 Jr. (15/16) champion Miranda Banelle, NM - Runner up Nesheba Thomas, OH; 10) 165 Jr. (15/16) champion Marissa Diaz, NY - Runner up Austina Lycan, WI; 11) champion Dana Dudley, GA Unopposed; 12) 106 O champion Carina Moreno, CA - Runner up Samantha Sanchez, Aurora, IL; 13) 112 O champion Eileen Kuwaye, NY - Runner up Rosa Rubio, Chicago, IL; 14) 119 O champion  Deborah Stein, NY- Runner up Anju Reejhingham, WA; 15) 125 O champion Jessica Han, TX- Runner up Amber GIdeon, Warrenville, IL; 16) 132 O champion Carry Barry, MI - Runner up Christy Sloane, GA; 17) 139 O champion Molly McConnell, OR - Runner up Angel Bovee, NY; 18) 147 O champion Natalie Brown, GA - Runner up Desiree Mistrette, NY; 19) 156 O champion Yvonne Reis, FL - Runner up Jenna Johnlin, OH; 20) 165 O champion Janaya Davis, GA- Runner up Lisa Steck, WI; 21) 178 O champion Bose Ijoala, Chicago, IL - Runner up Teresa Pierozzi, CA; 22) 201 O champion Elizabeth Kerin, IL - Runner up Sonji Lamonakis, MS; 23) 201+ champion Yvette Tatem, GA - Runner up Cindy Zamudo, CA. 

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