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June 4, 2005 - Lincoln City, Oregon
On the undercard, Junior welterweight Terry Blair, won a split decision over Molly McConnell, in a six-round bout.  Final judges scores were 59-55, 58-56, and 56-58. This was a rematch for the two when they first fought at the Emerald Queen Casino, in Tacoma, Washington, where McConnell defeated Southpaw Terry Blair with a four-round majority decision. Photographer Mike Blair (no relation to Terry Blair) of told WBAN, "What a different fight between Blair and McConnell this time around. While Blair's answer to the difference this time around was that she spent time in the gym, she was a different fighter. She did not simply stand in front of McConnell. Instead she moved to her right so McConnell had to throw farther to connect. What that meant is that a lot of the time McConnell was off balance, and her shots, though some landed, did not do as much damage. Blair kept her balance and tucked her chin and pressed the action of the fight. On this night, Blair simply looked stronger. She showed that strength in one of the late rounds when she pinned McConnell on the ropes and landed some pretty fierce combinations to the body." Mike Blair said that there was talk of a third go around between these two and that it was an exciting fight. WBAN will have an exclusive photo gallery posted on the member's site soon! And Good Job to BOTH McConnell and Blair for putting on such an outstanding performance!


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