April 20, 2005, in Detroit, Michigan
6’2” Heavyweight Christina Christian, 209,  now 2-0-0 (2KO), of Ontario, Canada,  won a first round KO 1:30 seconds over Paula Cholka, 201.  Cholka was knocked down to the three times in the first round. WBAN’s photographer , Dan Graschuck was ringside for the event.  Christian comes from the amateurs with a 6-0 (5KO) record.
©Photos by Dan Graschuck and Robert Ryder


©photos 1-5 by
 Robert Ryder

2-Paula Cholka,
no match for Christensen

3-Christensen raises
hand in victory

4- Christensen posing
with 7' boxer
Julius Long

5- Christensen posing
with 7' boxer
Julius Long

The much shorter
Boxer, Cholka, 201,
poses with others
before the fight
©6-12 photos
by Dan Graschuck

Kara Ro poses
with Christensen






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