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©Photos by Mary Ann Owen of BILV
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June 11, 1999 -National Pay-Per-View All Female Card, Bossier City, Louisiana   Leah Mellinger  vs. Hannah Fox battled it out in a 10-round IFBA Jr. Welterweight Championship! Mellinger was given an ole' "one-two" shortly before fighting Fox by discovering that her long-time trainer, Terry Nye was in her opposition's corner, working as an advisor for Hannah Fox. Many of WBAN's visitors have been participating in a Public Poll about the situation and are not happy about what he did, others think that Mellinger would have lost anyway, and that it was fair. The fight went to a unanimous decision .99-91, 100-90 , 98-92. HANNAH FOX IS THE NEW IFBA JR. WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION ; Kim Messer  vs. Maribel Ocasio Soto in a 6-rounder, that ended when Soto refused to come out in the fifth round, giving Messer a win by a TKO! Sources said that when Soto would not come out for the fifth round that her trainer slapped her in the face! MESSER WIN BY TKO 5th ROUND; Eva Jones-Young vs. Leona Brown walks away with the belt this night when she defeats Brown in a 10-round Unanimous decision 99-91, 98-92, 98-92 EVA JONES-YOUNG NEW IFBA BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION; Denise Moraetes (Friendly) had a very exciting match against Glenda Watkins, that according to sources has not only dropped weight but is starting to gain some substantial skills. Moraetes won by a unanimous decision of 79-73, 79-73, 78-74; Mary Elizabeth Ortega vs. Nora Daigle fought in a 6-round match. This fight was not televised and Ortega was especially disappointed, as she walked away with a win with the scoring at 58-56, 60-54, and 60-54. ; Chevelle Hallback  won a four-round unanimous decision over Hayde Nunez - 4 - rounder.  ©Photos by Mary Ann Owen


Sumya Anani


Leah Mellinger
& Anani

Becker, Owen, Anani

Pioneer boxer from late 1980's Dora Webber (she fought anani)

Hannah "The Vegas" Fox
with trainer

After party for
Fox who became
IFBA world

Hannah Fox
(no relation to
TL Fox)

IFBA cake

Hannah with
Terry Nye

all the women
on card

Nunez & Hallback


Mellinger  & Anani

Messer, Mellinger
& Anani

Messer, Webber,
Hallback, Fox

Anani vs. Webber

Anani vs. Webber

Young (left) vs. Leona Brown (right)

Young (left) vs. Leona Brown (right)

Hannah Fox raises hand in victory

Chevelle Hallback

Hallback vs. Nunez

Hallback vs. Nunez

Messer vs. Soto

Messer vs. Soto

Ortega (left) vs. Daigle (left)


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