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November 13, 2002
Weigh-in in Portland, Oregon
Bridgett Riley, 115, vs. Para Draine, 115
Both came in at weight, to fight in 
the co-main event - Nov. 14, 2002 at
the Rose Garden on a Golden Boy Promotions

111draine111302weighin1.jpg (111848 bytes)
I met up with Para Draine when first arriving....

111draine111302weighin2.jpg (139285 bytes)
Draine on the scales...right on the button at 115 lbs.

111draine111302weighin3.jpg (75018 bytes)
Draine, just prior to getting on the scales

111draine111302weighin4.jpg (99264 bytes)
Para Draine strikes a pose for WBAN.  Drains is feel very good for the fight and is looking forward to fighting Riley.

111lampkin111302weighin4.jpg (157347 bytes)
Ray Lampkin (past former top contender who fought Roberto Duran in 1974, autographs Glove for WBAN

111riley111302weighin1.jpg (158086 bytes)
Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley comes in at a sleek 115 lbs. Riley said she was ready for tomorrow night's fight...

111riley111302weighin2.jpg (155662 bytes)
Second shot of Riley on the scales

111roy111302weighin2.jpg (114011 bytes)
Roy Englebrecht who works a long side Oscar De La Hoya with Golden Boy Promotions.



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