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Behind the scenes with this top 
World Champion!
Photos  courtesy of Collins Team

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B/W photos by Jack Pokress


About Collins...

In 1990, Kathy Collins didn't like her job, and she weighed 240 pounds.  She was a size 22, and was  smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.  Collins said, "I felt like I couldn't move."  Collins felt that aerobics and treadmills were boring, and that boxing was different.

Then one day in 1993 she walked into the Academy of Boxing for Women in Huntington, N.Y., run by Frank Globuschutz, or "Frankie G."   The weight came off quickly, and the more she trained, the more she liked the sport.   Kathy dropped 100 pounds and won two Golden Gloves matches.  She also fought in the first women's boxing match in Madison Square Garden in New York City.  "I was a 25 to 1 underdog, it was a big historic moment, and I won," she says.   Little did Collins know at the time, that not only would she eventually hold four world titles, but "Frankie G"   would  become her husband!



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