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Behind the scenes with TL Fox when she ventures out to check out the local scene!
July 27, 2000
Photos by Sue TL Fox

21xamateursportland1.jpg (27820 bytes)
Amateur boxing champion Molly McConnell training Julie Bishop

21xamateursportland11.jpg (36313 bytes)
Molly McConnell
Amateur boxer, trainer, and works corners

21xamateursportland12.jpg (48603 bytes)
McConnell training recreational boxer "Willow"

21xamateursportland13.jpg (38291 bytes)
Cindy Spencer

21xamateursportland14.jpg (37667 bytes)
Julie Bishop has been boxing for years...

21xamateursportland15.jpg (33848 bytes)
Julie Bishop

21xamateursportland16.jpg (34603 bytes)
Julie Bishop

21xamateursportland17.jpg (33480 bytes)
Julie Bishop

21xamateursportland18.jpg (44821 bytes)
Julie Bishop

21xamateursportland19.jpg (34676 bytes)
Cindy Spencer

21xamateursportland2.jpg (57830 bytes)
Molly McConnell

21xamateursportland20.jpg (45453 bytes)
Cindy Spencer

21xamateursportland23.jpg (34180 bytes)
McConnell & Bishop

21xamateursportland22.jpg (36664 bytes)
McConnell & Bishop

by Sue TL Fox

21xamateursportland21.jpg (44091 bytes)
Cindy Spencer

21xamateursportland3.jpg (37679 bytes)
Julie Bishop

21xamateursportland29.jpg (49627 bytes)
Robin Yakhour (now a police officer) sparring with McConnell

21xamateursportland7.jpg (43936 bytes)
Robin Yakhour

21xamateursportland26.jpg (45320 bytes)
McConnell & Bishop

21xamateursportland6.jpg (32578 bytes)
Robin Yakhour 

21xamateursportland5.jpg (47544 bytes)
McConnell ...a true talent to the sport


21xamateursportland4.jpg (40054 bytes)
McConnell works with "Willow


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