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Behind the Scenes in New Mexico
TL Fox visits all-women's boxing gym, owned by past top boxer Irene Garcia, and with world champion Trina Ortegon and Brenda Burnside...Year 2000
Photos  by Sue TL Fox
1x11ortegontrains1.jpg (50404 bytes)
Irene Garcia's all-women's gym in New Mexico
1x11ortegontrains101.jpg (43159 bytes)
Brenda Burnside posing with Trina Ortegon (Ortegon holding ring attire)
1x11ortegontrains102.jpg (39049 bytes)
Trina Ortegon before a boxing class
1x11ortegontrains107.jpg (34860 bytes)
Trina working with students
1x11ortegontrains188.jpg (42150 bytes)
Trina's World title belts and stuff animal that she autographed for WBAN
1x11ortegontrains13.jpg (43764 bytes)
Trina posing in front of boxing gym...
1x11ortegontrains17.jpg (34364 bytes)
Trina autographs stuff animal that was a free give-away on WBAN
1x11ortegontrains167.jpg (29731 bytes)
Trina poses with the give-away prize
1x11ortegontrains12prize.jpg (31260 bytes)
Autographed photo that went with the prize
1x11burnsidetrains12.jpg (57616 bytes)
Brenda Burnside displays her tattooed "Tiger" Stripes..Yes they are real!
1x11burnsidetrains14.jpg (66373 bytes)
front view of Burnside
1x11burnsidetrains15.jpg (36967 bytes)
Burnside gets a stripe tattoo for every fight she has
1x11garciaphoto1.jpg (57043 bytes)
Past photo on the wall of gym of Irene Garcia when she was a boxer
1x11garciaphoto2.jpg (29583 bytes)
A "Now" photo of Garcia as she trains her students
1x11garciaphoto3.jpg (42398 bytes)
Irene works with her students
1x11postergarcia133.jpg (37703 bytes)
Old poster of an all-women's card in the late 70's that did not take place on that date
1x11studentstrains119.jpg (49464 bytes)
Irene working with students
1x11studentstrains13.jpg (49040 bytes)
Student in the gym
1x11studentstrains14.jpg (43024 bytes)
Student in the gym
1x11studentstrains15.jpg (42185 bytes)
Student in the gym
1x11studentstrains17.jpg (43364 bytes)
Student in the gym


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