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Behind the Scenes with Fox--Part II
WBAN has now been on the net over five years, since June of 1998. During those first five years, Fox has covered many fights, and has captured many "Behind the Scenes" photos of being at the fights. WBAN will be running the "Behind the Scenes" from those five years of coverage..  Want to check out Part I, Go Here

It was November 2002, when Fox covered the Laila Ali-Valerie Mahfood fight.  The two were meeting for the first time, and it was also the first time that Fox had met Ali.  Ali glared a hole through Mahfood whenever they posed together. Ali made it clear that Mahfood would take a "beatdown" for the things Mahfood had previously said about her.

Bambi Bertoncello with her trainer/manager Kirk Jensen, after she had just entered the ring to fight Cynthia Prouder.  Bertoncello had taken off about six pounds to fight Prouder.
No women on this card in Rochester, Washington....So Fox takes photos of a female weightlifter!  The weightlifter entered the ring about a half hour before the show and posed for photographers.
Yvonne Caples between rounds.  She was fighting Robin Pinto in a four-rounder at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington. 
Fox was impressed with the Rose Garden, in Portland, Oregon, when she was pleasantly surprised to see the ring card girls dressed in dresses.  You do not see that often in boxing.
Another ring card girl that was on a Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon card.

Delia "Chiquita" Gonzalez in between rounds, with her father working her corner.  This night was the battle of the Gonzalez's when Delia fought Yolanda Gonzalez, winning by a decision-Waco, Texas.
Delia Gonzalez poses for cameras before her fight against Yolanda Gonzalez.  This would have been a very good fight for television.  These two went toe to toe with each other during this six-rounder.
Roy Jones Jr. makes his entrance when he fights Woods in Portland, Oregon. It was a fantastic entrance and it stirred the fans into a frenzy before he even entered the ring.

Another photo of Roy Jones Jr. entrance before fighting Woods in Portland, Oregon.
Roy Jones Jr. poses with his many world title belts after he defeated Woods at the Rose Garden, in Portland, Oregon.
Karen Martin, posing with her husband - manager after she defeated Patricia Acosta in Waco, Texas.

George Foreman commentating on HBO on the Roy Jones Jr. vs. Woods card, at the Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon. 
Gina "Boom Boom" Guidi (far left) with her team, at a weigh-in that took place in 2000.  She was fighting Marsha Valley in a six-rounder, in Monterey, California on the "Riot at the Hyatt" card.
This fight did not last long before the guy on the left went down and believe it or---won the fight! Only in boxing, of course....The whole boxing crowd boo'd when the guy went down and who most thought was putting on a tad bit of a obviously worked...they gave the fight to him and DQ'd his opponent!
J'Marie Moore in the dressiing room of Iglesias, after the  Irichelle Duran vs. Geraldine Iglesias fight at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada..  Iglesias was going to give a big scoop to WBAN about the tomato can farm she came from after the fight,  but after she got the decision against Duran,  her interview with Fox consisted of "no comment."

The press conference for the Jones/Wood Card was so packed that Fox just held the camera high
in the air and began shooting.    What a card this would have been for women boxers if they had had an opportunity to box on this card.  The Rose Garden had almost 17,000 boxing fans---but no women were on the card. 
Fox inside Limo, with Marsha Valley (out of view in photo) and Jackie Kallen (The boxing manager who is portrayed in Against the Ropes movie - center).  The promoter made this a first-class event, from beginning to end.

Fox meets up with Ray Lampkin (The former top contender who fought Roberto Duran and was seriously hurt in the 1970's.)  Fox and Lampkin both trained in Portland, Oregon in the late 70's and they crossed paths in the past and again in the present. Lampkin was managed by Mike Morton at the time. Even though in the late 70's women's boxing was not popular, Morton also was interested in managing Fox.
A touching photo of Mike Morton (boxing manager) who is disabled now.  Ray Lampkin on the left, and Candy Robinson (Morton's boxer) on the left.
Fox met up with Lavonne Ludian in 2000. Ludian was an opponent Fox fought in 1977. The two had a controversial draw when Fox fought Ludian in her home town.  Ludian was extremely popular when she boxed in the late 70's and early 80's.
What boxing card would be complete without  Michael Buffer with his trademarked opening, "Let's Get Ready to Rum.......ble.....!
A rare photo of Rod Mahaffey...Boxing Fans either loved him or did not like him! Mahaffey was an excellent writer who covered women's boxing.   Mahaffey seem to disappear off the face of the earth and no one seems to know what happened to him.....
Layla McCarter, along with her trainer manager Luis Tapia, were in attendance for the Jo Jo Wyman vs. Karen Martin fight in Inglewood, California.  Fox grabbed a photo of McCarter who was donning a slightly black eye from sparring!
Amateur boxing champion Molly McColloch of Portland, Oregon, working a corner.  Layla McCarter was also at this card---working a corner for a Las Vegas boxer.  WBAN has seen many of the women boxers working corners when not on the cards.
Fox managed to get maybe a bit of a  "silly" photo of Shane Mosley when she saw him at the fights in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2000.  Mosley is one of the most down-to-earth boxers (besides being extremely talented) in the sport today.
Shortly after the fight between Ada Velez vs. Melissa DelValle.  Velez experiences her first loss as a pro,  when DelValle wins by a 10-round unanimous decision.

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