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Behind the Scenes with Fox--Part I
WBAN has now been on the net over five years, since June of 1998. During those first five years, Fox has covered many fights, and has captured many "Behind the Scenes" photos of being at the fights. WBAN will be running the "Behind the Scenes" from those five years of coverage..

One of the early fights TL Fox covered.  In Reno, Nevada, Kim "Fireball" Messer was on scene to watch the Bambi-Bertoncello, Wolfe-Whaley double hitter. 
In Reno, Nevada, these were some of the famous 49er's, on a George Chung Promotions card.  Anytime you see a boxing promotion by Chung, there will more than like be 49-er's at the event.
(Ken Norton Jr. second right photo)
No, this is NOT a real aircraft.  It was a stage prop in the back of the theatre of the Reno Hilton,  where they held the weigh-in for the  Bambi-Bertoncello, Wolfe-Whaley double hitter. 
These two photos of Kelly Whaley are some of WBAN's favorites of Whaley.  She was about to take on Ann Wolfe, and she was relaxing in her dressing room, just before fighting.
Kelly Whaley truly has one of the biggest hearts in the sport.  She has fought many of the top women of the world.  Keeps a wonderful attitude, and has demonstrated more perseverance than most.
One of the early Shots Fox took of George Chung. It was Chung's first boxing event that he had ever promoted which was held in Reno, Nevada. 
This was one of those moments in boxing you can't really describe as funny unless you were there. But in this men's bout there was SO much Fog, that it actually left Fox coughing during the match.  WBAN can only imagine how the boxers felt!
First time Fox covered Sumya Anani. Anani was fighting Britt VanBuskirk in a rematch for the GBU Junior Welterweight World Title in Canyonville, Oregon. 
The corner girl, is none other than Doll Craine.  Fox had no idea that this corner person would soon become a pro boxer.
Fox covered a fight in California, (2000) that featured Muay Thai/Amateur Boxing. It was held at the same gym that  Jolene Blackshear trained at the time. Blackshear is next to Brian Low (Ringside) who eventually became a photographer for WBAN covering fights in the California area. 
Right after the Anani-Vanbuskirk fight in Canyonville, Oregon, Doll Craine is in the ring taking photos of Anani (left) with Barbara Buttrick one of the most famous past boxers (Center), and Britt VanBuskirk, who was not only one of the past boxers, but came back into the scene at the age of 40.
This was also at the Anani-Vanbuskirk fight.  Barbara Buttrick,  poses with the GBU Belt that was up for grabs in this title fight in Canyonville, Oregon.
This was an ESPN2 card, and Sugar Ray Leonard's first show.  Lisa Holewyne was to fight Cheryl Nance in a six rounder.  This was about two hours before the event took place, and Holewyne came over to talk with Fox and some amateur boxers and boxing fans.
First fight that Fox covered where it featured Angel Manfredy.  Manfredy was an impressive boxer, when fighting as the main event on this card.
Ah...can't forget  Richard "lil" Fox - WBAN's youngest Photographer.  He has since grown up a tad bit and occasionally accompanies Fox at various fight venues.  He even had featured photos that he took of the Texas Shootout II "All Women's Card."

One of many Ring Card Girls at the Sugar Ray Leonard Event. 

More Ring Card Girls at the Sugar Ray Leonard Event.

Before the event at the first Sugar Ray Leonard Card, ESPN2 Commentator Teddy Atlas signs autographs for boxing fans.

This is one of those shots that say a thousand words.  Robin Pinto was weighing in for her pro debut, to fight Yvonne Caples. Pinto got on the scales and she and her trainer quickly zero in on the scale when she weighs in a little heavy. 

Robin Pinto at an "All Male Boxing" card. She had traveled down to Rochester, Washington to talk with the promoter and see the fights.  Fox met up with her at this fight.   There were no women on the card, so it was nice to see Pinto, and Layla McCarter who was working a corner person at this event.  McCarter signed some Ringside gloves for WBAN.
This was a "zoomed-in" shot of Yvonne Caples as she took center ring with other boxers to be voted on the most entertaining boxers of the night.  Caples was one of the winners this night. Rochester boxing fans loved Caples at this venue.

You ever wonder who is behind some of the fantastic photos you see in ring magazine and other major publications.  Chris Farina, is a noted photographer on the scene, and who also works as Top Rank's photographer.

This was one of the most exciting cards that Fox covered in Las Vegas in Oct. of 2000, when Johnny Tapia fought Paulie Ayala---all up until AFTER the fight when all ...broke loose in the post fight conference.  Apparently the former IBA Vice President thought that Tapia was ripped off...
First time that Fox met Lisa Holewyne, when she fought Marischa Sjauw in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Another card that seemed perfect until AFTER the fight when the Sjauw team disputed the decision for Holewyne after viewing the judges scorecards.

Lisa Holewyne raises her hands in victory as Barbara Buttrick of the WIBF/GBU stands near her in the ring.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran were both special guests in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Fox had a couple of old boxing mags that the two autographed, but not before they spent considerable time reading through the mags!

This is one boxer, Laramie Hinostroza,  WBAN would have liked to have seen spend some time in the amateurs before turning pro. Laramie has just incredible raw talent.  She turned pro, at the age of 21, after boxing for about a year.  This photo was taken at a weigh-in in Gresham, Oregon. Laramie was to fight Angie Bordelon, and about two hours before the fight was to take place, the event was called off.

Bambi Bertoncello was just about to fight Cynthia Prouder in a six-rounder.  The fight took place at the Hollywood Park Casino, in Inglewood, California. 

Bambi Bertoncello was just about to fight Cynthia Prouder in a six-rounder.  The fight took place at the Hollywood Park Casino, in Inglewood, California. 
At the weigh-in, where Bambi Bertoncello was set to fight Cynthia ProuderRichard Steele (left), a one time top boxing ref turned promoter was promoting this event in California.
Just one of those shots!  Fredia Gibbs was sitting next to Fox ringside, at the Hollywood Park Casino. Fox caught a glimpse of a drink in front of her....and was trying VERY hard to get a photo of that drink, but Gibbs draws up a pick of paper to cover it....
At the Weigh-in, where Jo Jo Wyman fought Karen Martin at the Hollywood Park Casino, in Inglewood, California. This was Martin's first loss when she  fought Wyman on this card.
During half time at the Hollywood Park Casino, in Inglewood, Fredia "The Cheetah" Gibbs (left); Layla McCarter (next to Gibbs) Sandra Yard (center next to Serrano) and Laura Serrano (Right) where they posed for a group shot for WBAN!

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